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RF photonic links

Our laser modules provide extremely low-noise performance, which make them fit for use as seed lasers and local oscillators within direct and coherent detection analog RF communication links. These small form factor OEM lasers can be quickly integrated in any system. Both direct and coherent detection links also benefit from TeraXion’s narrowband tunable FBG-based optical filters to perform extremely precise sideband/carrier isolation or channelized receiver functions.


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  1. Laser Synthesizer of the ALMA Telescope: Design and Performance - 582.21 Kb

    Simon Ayotte, André Babin, Patrick Poulin, Michel Poulin, Amélie Jeanneau, Marie-Josée Picard, Daniel Poulin, Charles-André Davidson, Maryse Aubé, Isabelle Alexandre, François Costin, François Pelletier, Jean-François Cliche, Michel Têtu

    MWP 2010 - September 2010

  2. Effect of Laser Decorrelation on the Phase Noise of RF Signals Generated by Optical Mixing of Modulation Sidebands - 241.43 Kb

    Michel Poulin, Christine Latrasse, Michel Morin, Simon Ayotte, François Costin

    MWP 2010 - September 2010

  3. Ultra-narrowband notch filtering with highly resonant fiber Bragg gratings - 455.61 Kb

    Y. Painchaud, M. Aubé, G. Brochu and M.-J. Picard

    BGPP 2010 - June 2010

  4. What Narrow-linewidth semiconductor lasers can do for defense and security? - 716.26 Kb

    M. Morin, S. Ayotte, C. Latrasse, M. Aubé, M. Poulin, Y. Painchaud, N. Gagnon and G. Lafrance

    SPIE Defense, April 2010

  5. Ultra-narrowband fiber Bragg gratings for laser linewidth reduction and RF filtering - 599.12 Kb

    M. Poulin*, Y. Painchaud, M. Aubé, S. Ayotte, C. Latrasse, G. Brochu, F. Pelletier, M. Morin, M. Guy, J.-F. Cliche

    SPIE Photonics West, January 2010