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TeraXion develops innovative and cost-effective laser system components for high-power and ultrafast lasers. Our customers benefit from the most reliable high-power fiber laser reflectors and ultrafast laser pulse stretchers and optical filters at the best price, thanks to our advanced fiber Bragg grating (FBG) technology and manufacturing flexibility.

Our PowerSpectrum™ High-Power Reflector (PWS-HPR), creates laser cavities with a power handling up to 2 kW, for precise cutting, marking or welding in demanding, high-volume industrial environments.

TeraXion also offers a broad line of fiber-based components for any mode-locked or chirped-pulse amplified (CPA) ultrafast laser, whether fiber or bulk and all types of compressors. Our Dispersion Management Reflector (PWS-DMR) for mode-locked lasers allows the tailoring of pulse duration for improved pulse stability at any wavelength. TeraXion’s Chirped Module with VBG Compressor (PWS-CM-V) and Tunable Pulse Stretcher for Diffraction Grating Compressor (PWS-TPSR-T) will yield higher peak power and a cleaner pulse in any ultrafast laser system thanks to their offsetting of amplifier induced nonlinear effects.

PowerSpectrum™ products are built according to customers’ specifications or can be built directly from TeraXion's standard specifications shown on product-specific pages.

01 Watch: TeraXion line of Ultrafast Laser Components

Watch: TeraXion line of Ultrafast Laser Components

Ultra Fast Laser Components

Ultrafast Laser Components
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