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PWS-DMR Dispersion management reflector

The PowerSpectrumTM-DMR is an all-fiber, FBG-based chromatic dispersion management device that can provide either anomalous or normal dispersion in a wide wavelength range.

Used as the output coupler (OC) of a mode-locked ultrafast oscillator, the PowerSpectrumTM-DMR tailors the overall chromatic dispersion within the laser cavity, allowing control of the operation of the laser and the output pulse duration. The PowerSpectrumTM-DMR can be built according to customers specifications or manufactured from the product standard specifications listed bellow. PowerSpectrumTM-DMRs with these standard specifications are stock at TeraXion.

PWS-DMR at 1030 nm, 20 nm bandwidth, 12% reflectivity (PDF - 345 Kb)
PWS-DMR at 1030 nm, 10 nm bandwidth, 25% reflectivity (PDF - 345 Kb)
PWS-DMR generic brochure (PDF - 1088 Kb)

Generic Features

  • Broad wavelength range: 800 to 2400 nm
  • Very low dispersion rate available: 0.01 - 2000 ps2
  • Packaging options: recoated, recoated + metal loose tube
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