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CS-TDCMX-SM Slope-Matched Tunable Dispersion Compensator

The ClearSpectrum™ - TDCMX-SM is a compact, fully integrated optical module that provides accurate and dynamic control of chromatic dispersion for all channels simultaneously in optical communication networks.

It features a wide bandwidth and a large dispersion tuning range, enabling a reach of up to 80 km on 50 and 100 GHz channel grids. It is a valued solution for data center interconnects, 100 Gb/s direct detection, and in-line dispersion compensation in DWDM agile networks or for fine dispersion trimming at terminals.

TeraXion’s TDCMX-SM integrates both circulator and complete electronics in a compact module for increased system flexibility, enabling higher operation speeds and improved design margins.


  • Entire C-band coverage
  • Supports PAM-4 & DMT
  • G.652 fiber slope-matched on 50 and 100 GHz channel grids up to 80 Km
  • Low latency
  • Low power consumption
  • Small form factor
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