PS – NLL Narrow Linewidth Semiconductor Laser
PS-NLL Narrow Linewidth Laser

The PureSpectrum™-NLL/NLL-E Narrow Linewidth Laser is a compact, wavelength stabilized, ultra-low-noise and narrow-linewidth DFB semiconductor laser module. Its high wavelength stability optimizes the performance of laser-based sensing systems in applications such as:

  • Distributed acoustic sensing
  • Coherent OTDR
  • Oil and Gas - interferometric, phase shift applications: seismic/pressure/Brillouin temperature and strain
  • LIDAR systems


  • Wavelength stability +/- 1.5 pm over 10 days
  • Linewidth < 5 kHz
  • Long coherence length laser
  • Output power up to 80 mW
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  1. White paper: Narrow Linewidth Lasers: One Technique Does Not Fit All - 726.60 kB - September 2011

    Nicholas Gagnon