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  1. High-End FBG Design and Manufacturing for Industrial Lasers, Sensing and Telecommunications·- 319 Kb

    F. Trépanier, G. Brochu, M. Morin, A. Mailloux

    Advanced Photonics - OSA 2014

  2. Femtosecond FBG Written through the Coating for Sensing Applications·- 5570 kb
    J. Habel (1), T. Boilard (1), J.-S. Frenière (1), F. Trépanier (2) and M. Bernier (1) (1) Center for Optics, Photonics, and Lasers, Université Laval, (2) TeraXion Inc.
    Sensors, November 2nd, 2017
  3. Semiconductor Laser White Noise Suppression by Optical Filtering with Ultra-Narrowband FBG - 219.80 Kb

    S. Ayotte, F. Costin, M. Aubé, Y. Painchaud, M. Morin, M. Poulin, C. Latrasse

    OFC/NFOEC 2011, March 2011

  4. Active Thermography for Reliability Assessment of High Power Fiber Laser FBG Reflectors - 227.54 Kb

    P. Bernard, J. Bessard, G. Brochu, and É. Lemaire

    Filas, February 2011

  5. Tunable high channel-count notch filter based on a phase-shift phase-only sampled FBG and its application to multi-wavelength fiber laser - 197.95 Kb

    Ming Li , Hongpu Li , Yves Painchaud

    OFC/NFOEC, 2009