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  1. Silicon Photonics-Based Laser System for High Performance Fiber Sensing - 4562 Kb

    S. Ayotte*, D. Faucher, A. Babin, F. Costin, C. Latrasse, M. Poulin, É. G. Deschenes, F. Pelletier, M. Laliberte

    24th International Conference on Optical Fibre Sensors 2015 SPIE - Contributed Paper, September 2015

  2. 224-Gb/s 10-km Transmission of PDM PAM-4 at 1.3 um Using a Single Intensity-Modulated Laser and a Direct-Detection MIMO DSP-Based Receiver - 778 Kb 

    Mohamed Morsy-Osman, Mathieu Chagnon, Michel Poulin, Stéphane Lessard and David V. Plant, Fellow, IEEE, Fellow, OSA (Invited Paper)

    Journal of LightWave Technology, vol. 33, No. 7, April 1, 2015