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  1. High-End FBG Design and Manufacturing for Industrial Lasers, Sensing and Telecommunications·- 319 Kb

    F. Trépanier, G. Brochu, M. Morin, A. Mailloux

    Advanced Photonics - OSA 2014

  2. 100 Gb/s DQPSK Field Trial: Live Video Transmission Over an Operating LambdaXtreme®
    - 523.07 Kb

    Gregory Raybon, Peter J. Winzer, Haoyu Song, Andrew Adamiecki, Stephen Corteselli, Alan H. Gnauck, Thomas Kissell, Daniel A. Fishman, Nat M. Denkin, Yuan-Hua Kao, Terry L. Downs, Anthony Carenza, Yves Painchaud and more.

    Bell Labs Technical Journal Vol.14, No.4 p.85, April 2010

  3. 100-Gb/s DQPSK Transmission: From Laboratory Experiments to Field Trials - 2917.41 Kb

    Winzer, P. J.; Raybon, G.; Song, H.; Adamiecki, A.; Corteselli, S.; Gnauck, A. H.; Fishman, D. A.; Doerr, C. R.; Chandrasekhar, S.; Buhl, L. L.; Xia, T. J.; Wellbrock, G.; Lee, W.; Basch, B.; Kawanishi, T.; Higuma, K.; Painchaud, Y.

    Journal of Lightwave Technology Vol.26 No.20 p.3388, October 2008

  4. Transmission of 107-Gb/s DQPSK over Verizon 504-km - 346.37 Kb

    T. J. Xia, G. Wellbrock, W. Lee, G. Lyons, P. Hofmann, T. Fisk, B. Basch, W. Kluge, J. Gatewood, P. J. Winzer, G. Raybon, T. Kissel, T. Carenza, A. H. Gnauck, A. Adamiecki, D. A. Fishman, N. M. Denkin,C. R. Doerr, M. Duelk,T. Kawanishi, K. Higuma, C. Paquet and Y. Painchaud

    OFCNFOEC 2008, paper NMC2

  5. 107-Gb/s Transmission over 700 km and One Intermediate ROADM using LambdaXtreme® Transport System - 323.27 Kb

    G. Raybon, P. J. Winzer, A. H. Gnauck, A. Adamiecki, D. A. Fishman, N. M. Denkin, Yuan-Hua Kao,S. Scrudato, T. Downs, C. R. Doerr, T. Kawanishi, K. Higuma, Y. Painchaud, C. Paquet

    OFCNFOEC 2008, paper OMQ4