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  1. Silicon Photonics-Based Laser System for High Performance Fiber Sensing - 4562 Kb

    S. Ayotte*, D. Faucher, A. Babin, F. Costin, C. Latrasse, M. Poulin, É. G. Deschenes, F. Pelletier, M. Laliberte

    24th International Conference on Optical Fibre Sensors 2015 SPIE - Contributed Paper, September 2015

  2. High-End FBG Design and Manufacturing for Industrial Lasers, Sensing and Telecommunications·- 319 Kb

    F. Trépanier, G. Brochu, M. Morin, A. Mailloux

    Advanced Photonics - OSA 2014

  3. Low-Cost Dispersion-Tuned Active Harmonic Mode-Locked Laser With a 3-cm Coherence Length Hyperlink to IEEE Xplore 

    Chunshu Zhang, Peicheng Liao, Bryan Burgoyne, Youngjae Kim, François Trépanier, Alain Villeneuve, Member, IEEE, and Odile Liboiron-Ladouceur, Member, IEEE

    IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, Vol. 20, No. 5 September/October 2014

  4. Parallel and Pipelined Decision-Directed Phase Recovery for 64-QAM in the Presence of Sinusoidal Tones·- 359 Kb

    W.C. Ng(1), A. T. Nguyen(1), S. Ayotte(2), C.S. Park(1) and L. A. Ruch(1). (1) Laval University, (2) TeraXion

    OFC, March 2014

  5. Optically-filtered Laser Source Enabling Improved Phase Tracking in Coherent Transmission Systems - 164.10 Kb

    W. C. Ng, A. T. Nguyen, S. Ayotte, C. S. Park, L. A. Rusch

    ECOC, September 2012