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  1. Channelized fiber Bragg gratings for inline chromatic dispersion compensation of 40 Gb s links on ITU-50 grid - 171.39 Kb

    G. Brochu, M. Morin, F. Trépanier, B. Maheux-Lacroix, C. Paquet, A. Patel, M. Filer, C. Meyer, and S. Tibuleac

    ECOC 2011 - September 2011

  2. Optical Devices for 100 Gb/s and Beyond - 943.67 Kb

    Martin Guy and many colleagues

    Photonics North 2011, May 2011

  3. TeraXion's Phase Locking Technology - 780.31 Kb

    M. Poulin, S. Ayotte, C. Latrasse, M. Morin

    Photonics North 2011, May 2011

  4. Semiconductor Laser White Noise Suppression by Optical Filtering with Ultra-Narrowband FBG - 219.80 Kb

    S. Ayotte, F. Costin, M. Aubé, Y. Painchaud, M. Morin, M. Poulin, C. Latrasse

    OFC/NFOEC 2011, March 2011

  5. System Impacts of Modulation Technology and Phase Noise on Coherent Analog Optical Links - 151.73 Kb

    Richard DeSalvo, Charles Middleton, Michel Poulin, Christine Latrasse, Michel Morin, Simon Ayotte

    OFC/NFOEC, March 2011