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  1. System Impacts of Modulation Technology and Phase Noise on Coherent Analog Optical Links - 151.73 Kb

    Richard DeSalvo, Charles Middleton, Michel Poulin, Christine Latrasse, Michel Morin, Simon Ayotte

    OFC/NFOEC, March 2011

  2. Active Thermography for Reliability Assessment of High Power Fiber Laser FBG Reflectors - 227.54 Kb

    P. Bernard, J. Bessard, G. Brochu, and É. Lemaire

    Filas, February 2011

  3. Laser Synthesizer of the ALMA Telescope: Design and Performance - 582.21 Kb

    Simon Ayotte, André Babin, Patrick Poulin, Michel Poulin, Amélie Jeanneau, Marie-Josée Picard, Daniel Poulin, Charles-André Davidson, Maryse Aubé, Isabelle Alexandre, François Costin, François Pelletier, Jean-François Cliche, Michel Têtu

    MWP 2010 - September 2010

  4. Effect of Laser Decorrelation on the Phase Noise of RF Signals Generated by Optical Mixing of Modulation Sidebands - 241.43 Kb

    Michel Poulin, Christine Latrasse, Michel Morin, Simon Ayotte, François Costin

    MWP 2010 - September 2010

  5. Ultra-narrowband notch filtering with highly resonant fiber Bragg gratings - 455.61 Kb

    Y. Painchaud, M. Aubé, G. Brochu and M.-J. Picard

    BGPP 2010 - June 2010