By a Stretch: Making Femtosecond Laser Design and Manufacturing Leaner, Simpler and Cheaper

Webinar Ultrafast

Next-gen ultrafast lasers will be cheap, compact, robust and versatile. How does your laser measure up? This webinar will discuss challenges in femtosecond laser design and manufacturing, such as femtosecond pulse management and optics alignment, as well as promising new volume market opportunities. The webinar will also highlight how designing a simpler and more versatile laser, specifically at the stretching-compressor stage, will be key to lowering costs in the future and to thriving in a more competitive ultrafast laser landscape.

René Dionne is a product line manager at TeraXion. He has more than 20 years of experience with lasers and over 15 years of experience designing laser components. He played an instrumental role in deploying TeraXion’s PowerSpectrum™ ultrafast and high-power laser components product line, and continues to work closely with customers to design robust, compact and cost-effective femtosecond and picosecond laser components and modules.

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Data Center Interconnect: Taking the Complexity out of Dispersion Management

Webinar DCI

Take advantage of  lower latency, power consumption and cost by learning how to manage chromatic dispersion easily in data center interconnects.

In this free 20-minute webinar recording, our co-presenters Patrick Lebeau, Optical Product Line Manager at TeraXion and Tomas Maj, Senior Director, Marketing at Inphi Corporation will explain how to take the complexity of managing chromatic dispersion out of the equation.

This webinar is essential for system integrators and data center operators.

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