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TeraXion develops innovative and cost-effective laser system components for high-power and ultrafast lasers. Our customers benefit from the most reliable high-power fiber laser reflectors and ultrafast laser pulse stretchers and optical filters at the best price, thanks to our advanced fiber Bragg grating (FBG) technology and manufacturing flexibility.

Our high-power fiber laser reflectors, the PowerSpectrumTM True-Bandwidth Reflector (PWS-THPR) and High-Power Reflector (PWS-HPR), create laser cavities with a power handling up to 2 kW, for precise cutting, marking or welding in demanding, high-volume industrial environments.

TeraXion also offers a broad line of fiber-based components for any mode-locked or chirped-pulse amplified (CPA) ultrafast laser, whether fiber or bulk and all types of compressors. Our Dispersion Management Reflector (PWS-DMR) for mode-locked lasers allows the tailoring of pulse duration for improved pulse stability at any wavelength. TeraXion’s Tunable Pulse Stretcher (PWS-TPSR) and High-Accuracy Pulse Stretcher (PWS-HPSR), two components already trusted in ultrafast fiber laser systems, will yield higher peak power and a cleaner pulse in any ultrafast laser system thanks to their offsetting of amplifier induced nonlinear effects.

PowerSpectrumTM products are built according to customers’ specifications or can be built directly from TeraXion's standard specifications shown on product-specific pages.

01 Watch: TeraXion line of Ultrafast Laser Components

Watch: TeraXion line of Ultrafast Laser Components

Ultra Fast Laser Components

Ultrafast Laser Components
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PWS-TPSR - Tunable Pulse Stretcher for Ultrafast Lasers Tags : Fiber laser component, Ultrafast Laser, Nano/Pico/Femtosecond laser, Pulse Stretcher Find out more
High-Power Laser Components
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PWS-THPR - Truebandwidth HPR for LMA fiber lasers Tags : Fiber laser component Find out more